Walking with our customers

1st July 2021 – Zero Procure turns one today!

Here is our co-founder John telling the story of its conception and how those battered shoes helped along the way.

“One year ago today we started Zero Procure.

It’s easy to say you walk in your clients shoes. It’s often a throwaway line to try and convince them that you understand their pain.

How can you actually walk in their shoes if you still have your own job to do?

The one thing you need is time. If you have time you have an opportunity to imagine what it’s like to be your customer. I was very lucky to be gifted that time. Instead of wasting it I walked. Imagining all the time what could be done to be a true asset to a customer.

These beautiful, but unfortunately broken shoes, walked with me over five million steps before I and some other incredible people launched Zero Procure into the fray.

While the time may be up for these bad boys, there are many more steps to be taken with our customers. Because it really is all about the journey and the steps we take together.”

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